23 APR 2022 Board Member Meeting

  1. Ratification of Membership Dues
    1. Ratified that we will keep the P2,000/monthly payable semi-annually
    2. The dues will cover Rotary International Invoice, Required District Disbursements, Annual Paul Harris Fund Donation, bi-monthly meeting meals, board meetings; club service project fund
  2. Fund Raising Event
    1. Lazada / Shopee partnership for rebates or percentage donation, i.e. links from our website, sales of certain products
    2. Bar Night – either May 25th or June 1st P60,000 charge P2,000 each member invites 12 members at least 5 tickets or 14 members at least 4 member
    3. Pitcher & Piano – July timeframe
    4. Concert or Movie night under the stars (December timeframe)
  3. Compassionate Hope Donation
    1. Site Visit to the Compassionate Hope (after Labor Day)
    2. Decided to proceed with a donation but will work with the organization on current needs
    3. Solicit / partner with Hope Valley UK RC and Denver Cherry Creek RC
  4. Club Outing
    1. Announce April 30 Club Outing in Tagaytay
    2. Each member can book their own accommodation at Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay Saturday afternoon to Sunday overnight trip
  5. Club Finance
    1. GIS Update
    2. SEC Update
    3. Signatories – Claire and Liez
    4. Secretary Certificate – RMM to prepare resolution
  6. Club Projects
    1. GG to handover to Shama project contacts and finances for Digital Learning Board
  7. DISCON – possibly attend online session only