Service Projects

The BGC Greenway Project

A greenway is “a strip of undeveloped land near an urban area, set aside for recreational use or environmental protection.” BGC Greenway will be the longest linear park in Metro Manila. It will have pathways that link up several pocket parks currently located in the corridor between the golf club and residential buildings. When finished, one can walk 1.5 kilometer from one end to the other, for exercise or for transiting to a further destination. The BGC Greenway project was a citizen’s initiative that was supported by the Urban Land Institute of the Philippines and adopted by FBDC. This project is a fine example of what can be achieved when the community work with the local authorities to make the neighborhood a better place.

Digital Learning Boards (An RI Global Grant Project)

RC BGC Central applied for a global grant project with Rotary International during its charter year and was approved for the implementation and installation of Digital Learning Boards at three partner schools in Taguig. The program is scheduled for 3-years starting in 2019. The partner schools comprise Tipas National High School, Palar Integrated School and Bagong Tanyag Elementary School.

Feeding Program (in partnership with RC Nice Riviera Cote d’Azur)

A feeding program was carried out by the Rotary Club through a sister club funding and in partnership with Kabisig Kalahi. The funding of US$1,000 covered multiple mothers and infants to enroll and commit participation in the program comprising both food distribution and nutrition education for the enrollees.

The feeding program ended in 2019 and our club is currently seeking additional funding to continue with this endeavor. Help raise US$1,000 to feed and educate 40 mothers and infants covering a 6-month period. US$25 (PHP1,250) covers a mother and child participant to the program.

Compassionate Hope (a partnership with Compassionate Hope Philippines)

Compassionate Hope is a global charitable organization providing hope and a future to victims and potential victims of human trafficking and religious persecution in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, Compassionate Hope runs a Village of Hope! Their first home for 12 children is complete and the second home for 16 girls is nearly finished. These homes are focused exclusively on children who were rescued from online sex trafficking.

As the Village continues to grow, they are currently in need of support for food and water:

  • PHP80,000 (~USD1,700) will supply monthly nutrition to 21 children.
  • PHP200,000 (~USD4,000) will help construct a water well project consisting of 20ft pipes and motorized pump.
  • Implementation of a vegetable garden, of which the water well project is essential, will help reduce monthly food expenses for the resident children.

COVID-19 Online Initiative Projects

  1. Online Vocation Seminars
  2. Online Tutoring
  3. Technology Device Donation Campaign

Our club is raising funds to provide mobile data access for displaced public school children in Tipas National High School, Palar Integrated School and Bagong Tanyag Elementary School. A US$5 (PHP250) donation will provide 3-months mobile data access for a public school child. Your US$20 (PHP1,000) donation gives a full school year mobile data access for a public school child.

RCBGCC Mentoring & Leadership Academy (MLA) Project (A joint initiative with the Rotaract Club of Enderun Colleges)

The Academy is an initiative of the Rotary Club of BGC Central that focuses on events, forums, speaker series and collaboration tools that tackle wellness, mental health, leadership, mentoring and coaching.

  1. Live sessions for teachers and educators on mental health
  2. Online Forum on Mentoring and Coaching
  3. Guest Speaker Series, Inspirational Talks and Online Streaming Events
  4. Free Intelligent Conversation

Any monetary donation or voluntary donation of time to be a resource for live sessions and guest speaker series are welcome. Monetary donations will support the event costs and initiatives.

Online Marketplace

The year 2020 has been filled with unprecedented events shaping our world and our nation. The Rotary Club of BGC Central is committed to providing assistance and resources in whatever way, shape or form. This page on our website is dedicated to the individuals and families affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic that have lost their jobs and livelihood. The following organizations are partnering with the Rotary Club of BGC Central in providing another avenue to showcase their livelihood and assist in the online retail of goods and services.

  • Tienda Della Strada – ONLINE
  • Buy Pinoy – coming soon
  • Other Livelihood Project Sellers – coming soon