Our Club’s meeting on 20th September …

Agenda and Minutes of Club Meeting of Rotary Club of BGC Central

Club No: 88249

Tuesday 20th September 2022, 19:00 -21:00

Coffee Project – 21st Avenue BGC

Present: Present: President Claire Quisao, Cora Padiernos, Gabriel Georgy, Amal Hakki, Rod Hoddinott, Richard Medalla, Nicole Nibaten,  Janet Webster


  1. Call to Order
  2. Induction program
  3. Ticket sales and payments update
  4. Raffle update 
  5. Music update
  6. Banner and presentation update
  7. Catering update
  8. Walk through arrangement
  9. Adjournment


  1. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 19:30pm

  • Induction program

We requested for the venue to be open by 5pm so that we can set up for the induction and the event.

The President summarised the induction program.

  • Tickets and payment

We have 103 tickets reserved and 80 paid for. There are 11 free for guests.

  • Raffle update

We agree to bundle the prizes in to 5 sets to draw at intervals during the evening. We would email guests with information about the evening including the prizes and dress code. Tickets will be sold for 100 pesos each.

Rod and Lachlan will be in charge of selling the tickets.

We have 17 prizes, including a stay at the Boracay Shangri la,  So Beachy and Kahuna in La Union and a stay at the Grand Hyatt which we will save for the next event. We will also save some of the other prizes for the next event. There will be a door draw prize based on the ticket numbers.

You agreed ticket holders need to be present to win. We hope to raise at least 50k from the raffle.

5. Music update

Rod created a playlist and has the cables to be able  play music through the venue’s sound system.

6. Banner and presentation update

The banner is being made for the stage. It was suggested a way of identifying the venue could be with red balloon or similar. Oo, Chase and Shama are making the AVP and slides. Our President will give a history of the club and recognise the guests and clubs joining us. The MC will need some guidance and a script. Pastor Al will talk about Compassionate Hope. Cora will back up Oo as the floor manager.

7. Catering update

Everyone  will receive 5 chips to exchange for drinks.

We discussed the food we will provide and agreed on a menu.

8. Walk through arrangements

We agreed to meet at TSL on the coming Thursday to check arrangements.


The meeting was adjourned at 8.57pm