31 JULY 2022 Board Meeting

Planning for the Fund Raising Event

BGC Central Rotary Club
Board Meeting 31 July 2022

Present: Claire Quisao, Ofelia Montallana-Orcales, Richard Medalla, Liez Rafal-Roble, Janet Webster

SEC Certification and GIS
Updating of members
Club goals

SEC Certification and GIS
The SEC certificate has been filed.

We need more signatories so Liez will provide the signatory list. We will add OO, Claire, Liez, and Cora.

Updating of members
We need to have control over the SM accounts so that we can add people, post and made changes. OO will talk to Isabelle. We also need to able to post as BGC central rather than our individual names. Claire is Admin and can post as Rotary BGC Central, so we will change all board members to admin, but to do that we need to get the password from Donna and Isabelle. OO will try to get this. Maybe Pinky can update it for us. Claire is waiting for a reply from Pinky.

There are a lot of reports to complete and we need some help with some of the data. Claire would like us to have a folder of all the requirements so that it’s easy to handover to a new president next year. Claire will send the monthly reporting template to Janet. Nicole can help perhaps.

OO will respond to Rotary International to unlock our account so that we can update our information.

Next club meeting: August 9th the 23rd. Rich will update the website. OO has sent the invite already.

Everyone who is not a new members needs to pay. Liez needs the articles of incorporation so she can issue official receipts.

Club goals
Richard will post online and send to Janet/Claire. We need to put it on the District’s template.

Administration tasks
We will consider hiring someone to help with all the admin tasks.

Induction of new members
We will do this on the same day as the fundraising. The date is Sept 26, at the Spirits bar. Tickets will be P2500. The governor will attend. Richard will put together a program.