OCTOBER 6 Board Meeting

BGC Central Rotary Club

Board Meeting 6 October 2022

Present: Claire Quisao, Ofelia Montallana-Orcales, Richard Medalla (online), Gabriel Georgy, Janet Webster



Service charge for TSL

President’s vision

Compassionate Hope



  1. Communication

We discussed and agreed some guidelines on communication to help to keep our chat group and meetings focused.

The board officers should discuss and make decisions on issues and concerns and then communicate the decision to the club.

We can also have separate groups for different events and projects so that not all communication is through the main group.

We agreed that we would have one person to be the communicator, which while Cora is taking some time to look after family concerns, will the Ofelia.

For payment of fees we will ask people to communicate directly with the Treasurer, rather than in the main group.

  • Service charge for TSL

After discussing the issue of the 10% service charge, which was unexpected as the staff had been given 8000k in cash, we suggested that this would be explained to the owners with an offer to pay the extra 2,000 to make the amount up to 10%.

  • President’s vision for the club

Our President said that one of the goals for the year is to build our connections and collaboration with the district, and hence her involvement in the medical missions.

  • Compassionate Hope

We agreed our next club meeting would be on Saturday 22nd October when we will visit Compassionate Hope and present the first payment of 50,000 pesos. We will take some Halloween candy for the children.

Followed by a fellowship lunch.  This would replace the club meeting on 18th October. Potential new members would also be welcome.

Ofelia will post this on the group.

We will also let members know about the ‘donate’ button in website.

  • Christmas

There will be no meeting in December, but we will have our Year End Party on Nov 26. Will ask members who will attend so we can book a venue

For our children’s gift giving  we discussed organizing it in the West Bicutan community that we did in previous years with the organization that we partnered with for the nutrition program. An alternative would be the home for children with disabilities that a potential new member is associated with.

  • Projects

Vicky’s organization now has a food share program where families create a community garden which could be a project for us in the future.

The global grant project agreements need to be updated, e.g. with Malayan College.

The President is liaising with the district about the documents. Gabriel reported that during the pandemic we had sent our bank statements to show there was no activity and that had been acceptable. The President will inform district about this.

Next club meeting: Oct 23rd at Compassionate Hope. We will also have a meeting on 8th November, when we have a visitor from a rotary club of  Bengaluru.